Algoma Wolf Tech

How We Got Started

"Beginning in late 2012, Wolf Tech was created with the intention of providing kids greater opportunities to get engaged and explore different areas of practical labor. The first projects were building and designing simple race cars. Students became very interested, and as a result, the scale of the projects grew larger and formed the program seen today. The program continues to grow and evolve based on current funding and student availability."

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Fab Labs

A Fab Lab is a student facilitated workshop teaching community members how to build/ design specific projects. The students prepare instructions, project pieces, and tools as well as run the Fab Labs that take place outside of school hours. A few past Fab Lab projects have consisted of ornament decorating, chair building, bench building. Not only do Fab Labs give wolf-tech members the opportunity to unleash their creativity, meet community members, practice soft skills, and work as a team with other wolf tech members, there is also an end of the year incentive that takes place at Six Flag Amusement park to reward participating wolf-tech members. ​"

Vision for the Future

The program is looking to expand outside of just the tech department into a full fledged business where students can operate a storefront and online catalog to sell their goods and services. This would allow students to not only gain soft and technical skills but financial, social, management, communication, marketing, and online skills as well. This structure would allow for more students to be involved and find something that suits a greater range of skill sets. This goal, however, would require substantial financial support and greater student involvement. 

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Copyright 2017 Josh Kohanek-Photo Courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation