Imagine you're in school, homework is piling up and you have a to-do list that's a mile long. You're under so much stress you're panicking. On top of this, your homelife is stressful beyond belief. Wouldn't it be nice to catch a break? Just five minutes is all you need. This is what the Recharge room is for. This room is for any individual who wants to go and take a break, calm down, or destress. This room contains stress toys and sensory objects. All are welcome in this space. 

Imagine you’re playing a video game. Your character just died, but your friend came over and hit the “REVIVE” button which brought your character back to life at full stamina. This is the purpose of the revive room. The revive room is where all the collaboration among peers takes place. Students can facilitate conversation but will need to be QPR and mandated reporting trained. These precautions will be made for the students' saftey. 

The Resourced room is a room where students can go to access different ways to contact mental health professionals and ways to seek help in privacy. This is where a "Peer Contact" list will be posted for those who wish to set up meetings with other students to connect with. Students on the Peer Contact list will be required to be trained in QPR Suicide Prevention and Mandated Reporting.


The Preparation

These are the three rooms located in the library of Algoma Highschool that is being transformed to target the stigma of mental health. Over the summer of 2019, these rooms have been painted new colors and will soon be furnished, decorated, and filled with resources and sensory objects. Progress images to come!!

Progress Updates

During the summer of 2019, each of these rooms received a fresh coat of paint that is unique to the room's purpose. Each room has its own color with a grey accent. During teacher inservice day for the 2019-2020 school year, I informed staff about my initiative and began selling t-shirts for donations. Each shirt says "Your Story Isn't Over" and spreads a positive message regarding mental health.

Partnerships & Stakeholders


Live Algoma Team


Brenda Pairolero 

AHS Beta Instructor


Nick Cochart



Teal VanLanen

Director of Improvement and Community Engagement


Tanya Kavicky-Mels

On-Site Therapist at AHS

Katie Horn.jpg

Katie Horn

Director of Special Education at AHS

Nurse Kari.jpeg

Kari Stewart

School Nurse at AHS and AES

Joan G.jpeg

Joan Groessl

President of the Board of the Algoma Medical Center


Kasie Holloway

AHS Guidance Counselor


Penny Lemberger

AHS Science Teacher


Amy Schoenberger

Special Education Aid and Kindess Matters Advocate


Erin Ballone

Family and Consumer Education at AHS

This initiative would have never been possible with out the people mentioned above. Special thanks to all of you as well as to all community members who have offered support and donations. Change truly takes a village!

Alana Klimek


My Story

Hello! My name is Alana Klimek and I am a Senior at Algoma high school. During the 2018-2019 school year, I was involved in a class called BETA where we had the chance to create an initiative based on something we are passionate about. I chose to tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness because I myself struggle with Anxiety and Depression. It is so important to let others know that no one needs to suffer alone. By bringing awareness to mental illness and being vulnerable I hope to decrease the stigma surrounding it. No one who suffers should be considered weak for seeking help. Seeking help should be encouraged. We are never meant to do it alone. To understand my initiative more personally, please view my link below.

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