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Vital Conditions

The vital condition of Basic Needs for Health & Safety focuses on what we need to live healthy lives, what makes a community safe and free from violence, crime, and hazards, and how to build and support communities in which people can be active and access the nutrients and care they need.


Adequate air and water

Nutritious Food

Routine Physical Activity

Sufficient Sleep

Safe, satisfying sexuality and reproduction

Freedom from crime, injury, violence, traumatic stress, and addiction

Routine care for physical and mental health

Basic needs for health and safety.png

Basic Needs for Health & Safety

The vital condition of Lifelong Learning focuses on good education, which ensures all young people, regardless of background or ability, are set up for success, and have the opportunities to reach their full potential. Education should prepare people for meaningful careers in which they continue learning, growing, and thriving.


Lifelong Learning

The vital condition of Thriving Natural World focuses on creating a clean, healthy environment, free of environmental hazards & resilient to future changes & threats–one that fulfills our needs to connect with nature.


Thriving Natual World

The vital condition of Reliable Transportation focuses on compact, walkable, accessible communities, in which mobility is ensured no matter a person’s means, mode or ability, streets are safe, and transportation systems are sustainable.


Reliable Transportation

The vital condition of Meaningful Work & Wealth focuses on personal, family, and community wealth that provides the means for healthy, secure lives across the lifespan via good-paying, fulfilling jobs and careers.


Meaningful Work & Wealth

The vital condition of Belonging & Civic Muscle focuses on fulfilling relationships, the social support people need to thrive, encouraging people to be part of a community and contribute to its vibrancy, and living free from stigma discrimination and oppression.


Belonging + Civic Muscle

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